Acute and Head-Fixed

Bite-Sized Electrophysiology

Providing integrated stimulation and recording on all channels in the smallest commercially available Front End, our Pico Front End line coupled with a Trek processor brings revolutionary solutions for rodent and small animal electrophysiology. Easily synchronize visual displays, treadmills or track balls, optogenetic stimulators, or other devices using the integrated Analog and Digital I/O modules.

Independent grounds enable recording from multiple animals simultaneously for higher throughput. Our Trellis software suite comes standard with real time spike detection and sorting algorithms. Need more sophisticated experimental control? No Problem! Our comprehensive MATLAB and Python APIs give users unparalleled control of recordings, data processing, trigger output, and stimulation in real-time.

Our probe agnostic acquisition systems give users the freedom to choose electrode technology that matches their scientific questions. Our omnetics terminated Front Ends allow for compatibility with many 3rd party electrode technologies.


Active Front Ends

Neuromed’s unique active Front End design results in unparalleled signal fidelity – a key requirement for many single trial BCI applications.


Real-time, closed-loop control

Well documented MATLAB and Python APIs for real-time feedback and control. Custom stimulation paradigms can be programmed and initiated with unique and varied triggers.


Wearable system

At merely 700 grams, the Quest provides a light weight and portable form factor, only enhanced by internal battery and Wifi capabilities. The Quest can be belt worn or placed in a backpack for optimal experimental freedom.

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