Awake Behaving Small Animals

Simplified Solutions for Your Requirements

Designed specifically for freely behaving rodents and small animals, our ultra-lightweight Pico Front Ends provide researchers with the flexibility to simultaneously record and stimulate in a high-density configuration. Pico Front Ends build on the versatility of the Trek processor while incorporating flexible commutator and USB camera synchronization solutions, making complex behavioral experiments easy for both the subject and the researcher.

Our small form-factor Pico Front Ends digitize the signal right on the head of the animal, making the signal immune to artifacts from a swinging cable and other sources of noise. Minimize weight with Front Ends weighing less than 0.8g, and with an extremely light and flexible detachable cable.

Whether you need a commutator that is exceptionally small and light-weight or something with a little heft, we’ve got you covered. With active and passive commutator options, Ripple is prepared to help service your needs across a variety task conditions and animal models. We also offer a commutator with a fiber-optic rotary joint, allowing for integration of high-quality recording, electrical stimulation, and optogenetic stimulation.

In addition to connecting multiple inexpensive USB cameras to allow time-stamped video recordings from multiple vantage points, our Trellis software suite comes standard with real time spike detection and sorting algorithms. Our comprehensive MATLAB and Python APIs give users unparalleled control of recordings, data processing, trigger output, and stimulation in real-time.

We understand that behavioral experiments require an extensive set of tools. Ripple Neuro partners with companies that specialize in the various components that make your experiments complete. For more complex sorting offline, our data structure ports directly into several 3rd party sorting software suites. If robust positional tracking or behavioral tracking is needed, we are partnered with Stoelting, the gold standard in behavioral tracking software, to provide integration with ANY-maze.


Active Front Ends

Neuromed’s unique active Front End design results in unparalleled signal fidelity – a key requirement for many single trial BCI applications.


Real-time, closed-loop control

Well documented MATLAB and Python APIs for real-time feedback and control. Custom stimulation paradigms can be programmed and initiated with unique and varied triggers.


Wearable system

At merely 700 grams, the Quest provides a light weight and portable form factor, only enhanced by internal battery and Wifi capabilities. The Quest can be belt worn or placed in a backpack for optimal experimental freedom.

One of the most exciting advances in the field of brain research is non-invasive neuromodulation. In particular, there is an increasing amount of interest in combining HD EEG with multi-channel transcranial electrical stimulation to understand the underlying brain connectivity and cognitive performance.

The Quest HD+Stim provides a powerful yet elegant and easy to use platform for your stimulation research supported by a full complement of software, including the Compass software, APIs and third-party software.

The Quest HD+Stim amplifiers can deliver selectable transcranial electrical stimulation and provides full spectrum of stimulation, as well as concurrent recording abilities. This simultaneous stimulation and recording is the ideal tool to help understand the impact and effect of TES.

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