ripple neuromed research tools


Designed for non-invasive high and low impedance electrodes


Macro and Macro+Stim

Designed for invasive low-impedance macroelectrodes


Micro2 and Micro2+Stim

Designed for invasive high-impedance microelectrodes


Physio and PhysioD

Designed for both invasive and non-invasive EMG and peripheral recordings

Non-Invasive Recording and Stimulation

Nano2 and Nano2+Stim

Ripple Neuro’s flagship line for animal studies, the Nano2 line of Front Ends puts powerful electrophysiology in a sleek package. Perfect for both acute and chronic experiments, the Nano2s are small enough for rats yet robust enough for non-human primates. Designed for high-impedance microelectrodes, the Nano2 Front Ends digitize neural signals at the electrode to eliminate motion artifact and reduce external noise.

Amp up your experiments with the Nano2+Stim Front End. In addition to features of the Nano2, the Nano2+Stim allows for unique stimulation on all channels concurrently. Built with Ripple Neuro’s proprietary stimulation ASIC, the Nano2+Stim can stimulate and record simultaneously on every channel. Paired with our Fast-Settle technology for artifact elimination and comprehensive MATLAB and Python APIs for real-time control, the Nano2+Stim provides unparalleled flexibility in applications where closed-loop stimulation is critical for answering scientific questions. For higher current or voltage applications, we offer two variants with higher charge injection and voltage protection, respectively.


  • Lightweight and small form factor
  • 30kHz sampling rate
  • Integrated filtering, amplification, and 16-bit digitization
  • Fast-Settle artifact rejection
  • Programmatic control of waveforms and train parameters

Primary Use Cases

Single-Unit/Multi-Unit activity | LFPs | Closed-Loop

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