Closed Loop Stimulation

Redefining Real-Time Stimulation

Ripple Neuro’s Nano2 and Pico line of Front Ends provide users with a simple yet powerful way of stimulating in response to neural or behavioral activity. Built with Ripple Neuro’s proprietary stimulation ASIC, our Front Ends Paired with our Fast-Settle technology for artifact elimination and comprehensive MATLAB and Python APIs for real time control, our systems provide unparalleled flexibility in applications where closed-loop stimulation is critical for answering scientific questions. Unlike many commercially available products, our solutions are not limited to simple waveforms. Stimulation parameters can be updated every 33us, making truly arbitrary waveforms possible.

If you require a mobile platform, look no further. The Trek system supports on-board processing and wireless transmission of data, with an optional external battery increasing total wireless time to up to 8 hours. Our “Code-on-the-Box” software module allows users to run custom code on the processor and save directly to your Grapevine system without the need for a tethered computer.

The Quest HD and Quest HD + Stim processors are ideally suited for Brain Computer Interface and real time feedback applications. At merely 700 grams, the Quest provides a light weight and portable form factor. A unique active front end, multiple analog and digital inputs and outputs and extremely low latency processing ensure Quest is well suited for your challenging research environments.

Matlab and Python APIs are included with the Quest systems and provide full control over recording, data processing, trigger output and stimulation. Python “code on the box” can be added for the fastest and most streamlined real time data processing. The Quest’s input and output capabilities can be completely utilized by the API ensuring you can utilize the full feature of the Quest for your Brain-Computer Interface applications. Our unique Active Front End design results in unparalleled signal fidelity, a key requirement for many single trial Brain Computer Interface applications.

The Quest HD + Stim adds an entirely new dimension to real time feedback, allowing closed loop feedback control of transcranial electrical stimulation. With custom programed stimulation patterns and intensities, initiated with custom programed data processing the possibilities are endless.


  • A completely wearable EEG/ERP solution
  • Wired, WiFi or self-contained recording
  • Optimized real-time data transfer
  • Python code runs on the on-board processor
  • Matlab and Python APIs for custom applications
  • Unique Active Front End designMulti-modal recording and stimulation options
  • Up to 56 Analog and 40 Digital IO channels

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