Ripple is pleased to offer the best technical support in the industry. If you need any help with troubleshooting, setting up, project development, or performance issues, our team of PhD-level scientists are available to help.

Isaac Myers, PhD

Lead Research Support Engineer

Isaac earned his Physics Ph.D. at the University of Utah studying ultra high energy cosmic rays. He helped to build and acquire data from a custom 125 MS/s radar receiver and later analyzed several years of accumulated data for evidence of cosmic ray radar echos. He has been applying his high-level mathematics and programming abilities to helping neuroscientist for the past 3 years at Ripple.

Jonathan Landes, PhD

Research Support Engineer

Jonathan earned his Biomedical Engineering Ph.D. at Washington University in St. Louis working in the motor neurophysiology lab of Daniel Moran. His research focused on the design and implementation of algorithms for Brain-Computer Interfaces and he has a passion for applying signal processing and machine learning techniques to translate neural signals into the recovery of lost motor function.

Need direct, one-on-one help with troubleshooting or development? Ripple now offers screen-share support. Please contact support for a meeting code, and then follow the link below:

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