Invasive Recording and Stimulation


The next generation of implantable electrophysiology is here. Ripple Neuro’s Link R-32 implant is the next frontier, providing invasive recordings without the concerns of infection and percutaneous leads.

The external transceiver is magnetically coupled with the implanted receiver, inductively powering the implant and allowing for state-of-the-art wireless data telemetry across the skin. Our lead customization kit gives you the flexibility to utilize electrodes of your choosing to best address your workflow demands. Pair with other Ripple Neuro Front Ends to perform multimodal experiments, such as EMG modulated stimulation.


  • 12-bit, 2kHz sampling rate
  • Magnetic coupling to transceiver
  • Medical grade epoxy encapsulation
  • Compatible with custom leads

Primary Use Cases

Neuroprosthetics | BCI | EMG | Multimodal

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