Implantable Technologies

Redefining Invasive Neuroscience

Over the last decade, Ripple Neuro has been developing and manufacturing the most disruptive implantable neurotechnology on the market. Our LINK-R 32 device allows you to record EMG and LFP signals without an implanted battery or percutaneous leads. Enable safer experiments  by decreasing animal handling and reducing electrode exposure. Long duration experiments without the worry of infection or rejection are now a reality.

The external transceiver is magnetically coupled with the implanted receiver, inductively powering the implant and allowing for state-of-the-art wireless data telemetry across the skin. Our lead customization kit gives you the flexibility to utilize electrodes of your choosing to best address your workflow demands. Pair with other Ripple Neuro Front Ends to perform multimodal experiments, such as EMG modulated stimulation.


Active Front Ends

Neuromed’s unique active Front End design results in unparalleled signal fidelity – a key requirement for many single trial BCI applications.


Real-time, closed-loop control

Well documented MATLAB and Python APIs for real-time feedback and control. Custom stimulation paradigms can be programmed and initiated with unique and varied triggers.


Wearable system

At merely 700 grams, the Quest provides a light weight and portable form factor, only enhanced by internal battery and Wifi capabilities. The Quest can be belt worn or placed in a backpack for optimal experimental freedom.

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