System Architecture


The Grapevine Systems

Modular Design for Specialized Applications

Choose from a variety of individual components to build a system as unique as your applications.

A Grapevine processor and a single Front End are all you need to start recording.

Additional Front Ends can be added to increase the number of recording channels or to acquire different physiological signals.  Connect an I/O module to control or communicate with external devices through analog and/or digital inputs and outputs.

The Processors

The Grapevine Line, Three Different Processors

The Trek, Neural Interface Processor, and Scout Build Solid Foundation

Each processor is compatible with all Grapevine Front Ends. The Trek is ideal for mobile, untethered, and low-latency applications. The Neural Interface Processor (NIP) is our first and most widely used processor. It is an affordable solution for high channel-count electrophysiology. The Scout was designed for small animal research and includes integrated Analog and Digital modules. Take advantage of the financial and technical flexibility offered by these 3 processors to grow alongside your research.

The table below shows all processor variants and their specs.

The Front Ends

Different Front Ends
for Different Modalities

Connect multiple types of Front Ends to a single Grapevine processor for seamless multi-modal recordings.

The Grapevine line offers four distinct families of Front Ends to provide ideal recording and stimulation capabilities for any electrode type or physical location.

The nano2, the pico, the LINK R-32, and the EMG are each designed to have optimal technical specifications for a specific recording or stimulation modality.


Nano2 and Nano2+Stim

Ripple Neuro’s flagship line for animal studies, the Nano2 line of Front Ends puts powerful electrophysiology in a sleek package. Perfect for both acute and chronic experiments, the Nano2s are small enough for rats yet robust enough for non-human primates. Designed for high-impedance microelectrodes, the Nano2+Stim can stimulate and record simultaneously on every channel. The stimulation variant allows for unique stimulation waveforms on all channels concurrently.

Pico and Pico+Stim

Designed specifically for small animal electrophysiology, the Pico Front Ends utilize the same ASIC technology as the Nano2 line but in an even smaller form factor. Perform your closed loop recording and stimulation with the smallest commercially available technology. Available in 16 and 32 channel options, the Pico line is ideal for recording from acute linear probes and chronically implanted electrode arrays.


The next generation of implantable electrophysiology is here. Ripple Neuro’s Link R-32 implant is the next frontier, providing invasive recordings without the concerns of infection and percutaneous leads. The external transceiver is magnetically coupled with the implanted receiver, inductively powering the implant and allowing for state-of-the-art wireless data telemetry across the skin.


Ripple Neuro’s Grapevine EMG Front End is designed from ground up to acquire seamless multi-modal electrophysiology data. Combine EMG with other physiological signals such as ECG & respiration in one device, making the workflow powerful yet intuitive and easy.

The I/O Modules

Interface with Other Research Equipment

Meet your analog and digital I/O requirements.

Whether your specific application calls for interfacing with analog devices, digital devices, or both, the Explorer line has you covered with the Analog I/O, Digital I/O, and Analog+Digital I/O modules.

Use the Analog I/O and the Digital I/O modules together for 28 analog inputs and outputs and 20 digital inputs and outputs. The combined Analog+Digital I/O module provides a condensed version in a single package.



A Wide Array of Adapters

Off the Shelf or Custom – We’ve Got What You Need

Ripple Neuro has a wide array of adapters for commonly used electrodes and connectors; too many to list here. If you need a custom adapter, our engineering teams are no strangers to modification, alteration, or customization. Contact for inquiries.

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