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Ripple partering for the Neuroprosthetics 2020 Virtual Summer School

Ripple Neuro is proud to sponsor Neuroprosthetics 2020, a four day virtual summer school focused on the intersection of neuroscience, engineering, AI and medicine! Find out more about speakers (including our own Jessi Mischel) HERE. You can sign up HERE.  

Ripple Neuromed is at OHBM 2020

Ripple Neuromed has gone virtual! Come by our booth at the Annual Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM) 2020.      

Ripple in Amplitude Magazine

Read more about Ripple’s continuing work to use peripheral nerve stimulation for treatment of phantom limb pain in Amplitude.   CURING PHANTOM PAIN: TWO PROMISING PNS SOLUTIONS

Ripple is at NeuroFrance!

Ripple is exhibiting at the Annual Meeting for the French Society for Neuroscience. Come by booth 41 to check us out!

Ripple is at CAN!

Ripple is exhibiting at the Canadian Neuroscience Meeting in Toronto. Come see our latest offerings at booth 9!

Ripple is at NCM

Ripple is exhibiting at the 29th annual meeting of the Society for the Neural Control of Movement in Toyama, Japan!

Ripple is at BNA!

Ripple is exhibiting at the British Neuroscience Association 2019 Festival of Neuroscience in Dublin. If attending, come by booth 11 to check it out!

Ripple is at Cosyne!

Ripple is at the Computational and Systems Neuroscience annual meeting in Lisbon, Portugal. Come by the booth to see our latest small animal and primate systems.

Ripple is at NANS!

Come by booth 330 to see Ripple’s newest offerings for neural modulation, including new flexible polymer pain leads.

Happy Holidays from Ripple!

Happy Holidays! Ripple started the festivities a little early with a holiday party at the Living Planet Aquarium.

Upcoming Conferences

Organization for Human Brain Mapping

OHBM 2020
June 23rd – July 3rd
Virtual Meeting


Neuroprosthetics 2020

Neuroprosthetics Virtual Summer School
July 20th – 23rd


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