Employee Spotlight: Josef Avaud!

Josef Avaud earned a degree in electronics at College Technique De La Sagesse and a degree in Cooling and Heating at Byblos institute, Beirut Lebanon.

Over the past 12 years of his career, he has gained extensive technical ability and expertise in Human Machine Interface working at Beijer and Micronet. Three years ago, he joined Ripple. Here’s more about Josef!

Role at Ripple: Senior Electronic Technician. I work with manufacturing and R&D teams to help produce Ripple’s product. I provide skills in assembly, repair, and solution innovation.    

Role outside Ripple: Enjoying life, married, no kids. Love to try different types of food from different cultures. 

What do you do when you are not selling your soul to Ripple? 

Besides cutting the grass, taking care of the yard, and playing with my cat Jovi, I like to watch movies and shows on Netflix and Amazon. 

Favorite activity in Salt Lake City: I am not a professional swimmer, but I grew up by the Mediterranean Sea and learned how to swim at a young age. I  spent a lot of time on the Gulf of Mexico and Clearwater Beach Area in Florida. My favorite activity around Salt Lake City is swimming, and I like to go to outdoor pools in the summer.  I also enjoy going to the gym to stay healthy. 

One fact about you: I grew up in Beirut Lebanon during the 1975-1991 Civil War. 

Why you chose Ripple: Growing up in a war zone, I saw a lot of injuries and people who lost their limbs. I know how difficult these injuries can be. This is the reason why I chose to be part of team like Ripple whose mission is to develop a product that can help people regain their mobility.

Why you enjoy Ripple? When you have an opinion, people listen. I am also learning a lot from others as well and I like that. I enjoy the very interesting and smart people that I work with. I also enjoy Curry Thursdays.  

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