Employee Spotlight: Landan Mintch

Landan earned a BS and MS degree in Biomedical Engineering at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI).

Over the past 2+ years, he has assisted with growing the Ripple Neuro and Ripple Neuromed business entities as a Research Support Engineer and Neuroscience Projects Coordinator.


Role at Ripple: Support Manager and Marketing Coordinator 

Role outside Ripple: Master beer-taster and Chief of Warcraft 

What do you do when you’re not selling your soul to Ripple? 

I enjoy relaxing and letting off some steam by playing video games. I love getting to explore a virtual world. Reading is also a hobby of mine – especially when it’s on a hammock with a beer next to me! I also really enjoy hiking and biking around the SLC area.  

Favorite (legal) activity in Salt Lake City: Mountain biking! 

Favorite restaurant in Salt Lake City: Lucky 13 

One fact about you: I share a birthday (4/27) with my father and brother (not twins). 

Why you chose Ripple: I’ve been super passionate about neuroscience, specifically neural engineering, since my experiences at the Center for Neurotechnology during my undergrad. I was fascinated by the idea of interfacing the human brain with machines. Once I finished my masters degree it was a no brainer, I wanted to work for a company working on the latest and greatest neurotechnology!  

What you enjoy about Ripple: For me, Ripple is more than just work. It’s a culture of caring and compassion. Moving to SLC after school was really intimidating, but I was welcomed with open arms into a wonderful group of people who care for one another and their work! 

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